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Healthy Sleep

Few things are as refreshing, beneficial, and feel good as sleep. All living organisms sleep. It is imperative to survival, recovery, and wellness. All of our body systems are improved by sleep. Every single one. Why, then, is it so common as humans to intentionally disrupt this ever so essential portion of life? Even more frustrating than the intentional sleep disruptors are the insomnia sufferers and those who can't seem to stay asleep. If we intentionally disrupt sleep for the sake of entertainment and things of the like (just one more episode...) then we can choose to make behavior changes if we desire (who doesn't desire better sleep, better focus, safer driving, improved metabolism, to name a few). For those who sleep seems to elude you.. I feel for you and hope that sleep therapies continue to advance. Some maybe worth looking into, such as sleep wave stimulation.

Regardless of why sleep gets disrupted or deprived, it is so multifaceted, we can choose to control some habits and create (or at least encourage) great sleep routines. Check out these 12 tips on healthy sleep- I discovered them from the book Why We Sleep written by sleep expert Matthew Walker, PhD. It's okay if you don't want to, but is there really any reason not to?? ;)

I care about you, so I care about your sleep. Please feel free to chat about your sleep experiences with me!


Jamie W.

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