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Variations Worth a Try

All of my clients have seen my toppling stack of text books, exercise guides, so on and so forth. I am often asked "Jamie, how the heck do you remember all of this?!" I simply reply "It's just my language." I watch, read, and try exercises all. the. time. I can get lost in my training studio setting up modifications and figuring out variations that best suit and challenge client needs. What even is the point of so many variations you might wonder? Consider it as filling in the gaps, hitting every angle, and probably contributes to well-roundedness.

Bret Contreras, well reputed and popular strength and conditioning trainer, aka "the Glute Guy", took the time to research and compile this giant list of variations (named after people!) that are surely going to provide some newness for all of us. The fact that he put the effort into this article alone deserves a share, so here it is:

Perhaps, this will inspire me to write about my personal favorite variations of popular exercises.

Check out the list and hit me up with questions on how you can fit something new from here into your current training. Share this with your active and strong friends, they might like the new moves too.

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