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Well isn't that NEAT.

You may have heard the phrase before that "you can't outwork a bad diet." A contributing factor to this is that the average energy expended during intentional activity is less than you'd hope. "The thermic effect of physical activity(TEPA) accounts for the remaining energy expenditure—about 15-30% of daily energy output." as stated by Peter McCall in his article "6 Things to Know About Non Exercise Thermogenesis [NEAT]." OK slow your roll folks, just because it isn't more than that, obviously does not exclude the necessity for physical activity, as anyone who has ever consistently trained for has experienced to some degree or another. (Skeletal muscle is the 3rd highest calorie consuming organ system in the body at rest- so yeah, probably still valuable to train 😏.)

We do want to give this energy expenditure the best advantage, of course, by adding more intention into our daily movements, more intensity, or more movement in general- even just alternating from standing to sitting- aka NEAT. I'd like to share the article mentioned above so that you can choose to get more info on the subject. Seems to be a small, relatively simple but wildly healthy habit to develop.

Lemme know you're well!


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