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Advantage Training

w/ Jamie

Lift well. Live well.

You've heard that exercise offers multitudes of benefits-it's probably what led you here today. Let's discover which benefits you'd most like to experience and why.

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Who I Am

Strength trainer for life's demands.

As a professional strength and personal trainer, I have been providing individuals with their best advantage to reaching their goals for nearly a decade. Whether you’re completely new to exercise or a long time professional, we’ll work together on an appropriate, challenging, and educational fitness experience that’ll keep you engaged, motivated, and progressing.

My experience as a physical therapy exercise specialist paired with  olympic weightlifting training,  powerlifting training, and one-on-one training allows me to have a safe and knowledgeable approach to any and all skill levels.

Having developed my own unique training methods combining formal education, research, self-study, and experience, my mission is to offer an unparalleled training experience aimed at providing you with the best advantage. All physical improvements start with strength. Don’t believe me? Schedule a session today!

Upcoming Events

  • Time is TBD
    Forest Grove
    Time is TBD
    Forest Grove, Private, Forest Grove, OR 97116, USA
    Time is TBD
    Forest Grove, Private, Forest Grove, OR 97116, USA
    Gain confidence, strength, and safety while handling weights and experience how well these habits translate to life.

Contact Me

Private, Forest Grove, OR 97116, USA


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