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"If you are looking to reach your fitness goals, Jamie Waclawik is who you need to be training with!  Working from her private gym, her knowledge as a personal trainer, paired with her understanding of physical therapy and body function, will bring you stable results.  With experience training as an olympic weight lifter, Jamie is strict on form to ensure your body stays strong and injury free as she crafts specific movements and combinations of exercises to meet the goals you have set.  Her encouraging nature will push you, challenge you, motivate you, and help you reach your full potential, which will likely exceed what you thought possible!
Everyone from the weekend warrior, those who are looking to get in shape for the first time, as well as seasoned athletes will benefit from training with Jamie."

Penny S.

Hard body Rich

"I have been under the excellent guidance of Jamie for the past 6 months: With her seemingly unending knowledge of all things fitness she has helped me drop over 25 pounds and shaped me from an overweight, out of shape loafer to a hard bodied hustler who is no longer in pain from countless postural issues. Whether you're a beginner or seasoned lifter she will take the time to make sure each program is written to the exact needs of her clients while constantly pushing and motivating along the way. Jamie is truly one of a kind and can not recommend her highly enough."

Rich Jenkins

What people say about working with me...

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