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Why Strength Training?

​With its ability to forge strong bones, mental fortitude, increase tolerances and more, strength training is a force multiplier for success that all bodies deserve. I challenge you to discover the benefits of strength training. All ages and goals are invited to lift well and live well. 

I provide:

1-on-1 sessions

The most in depth training option. Sessions are catered specifically to you with direct instruction, modification, and correction. Many people choose this option because they prefer to have the accountability of a scheduled and planned session.

This option is also ideal for beginners to develop consistency and confidence.

Teammates sessions

The same as 1-on-1 except you and another are training together. Having a gym partner increases accountability and enjoyment of training. 

Custom exercise plans

Monthly progressions to programming that is tailored specifically for you. We check in with each other through messaging and I am available to answer questions and provide feedback. This is a great option for those who aren't local to me, those who are consistent on their own, and for those who desire professional planning.

Monthly muscle

This is my monthly muscle building subscription. Each month features a new and interesting training stimulus which helps to prevent boredom and encourage consistency. Compound movements are included each month so that strength progresses as well. This is recommended for gym goers with a bit of experience.

Premade plans

This is a great option for those who want to target specific muscle groups, explore different training styles, and ward off boredom. Four-week growth plans are available, and can be repeated, as well as muscle group plans that can be added into your routine. All plans are thoughtfully progressed and can be repeated. Strength and power plans will be added soon.

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