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TFAB method- Dec23

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TFAB- That Feels About Right- features variable range programming that allows for wiggle room to find your sweet spot of muscle stimulation. The flexible range is also helpful at accommodating days of lower energy performance or higher performance. Work it til you think "That feels about right." Examples of optional methods, if the exercise says 3-5 sets of 8-12 reps: -Choose a weight that challenges you to do 12 reps, then keep using that weight as long as you can achieve AT LEAST 8 reps. If 8 reps can no longer be achieved, drop weight and increase reps back up to as many as 12. -Start with a weight that you can do no more than 8 of with decent form, decrease weight each set and increase reps up to 12. -Choose a weight that allows you to increase weight each set while staying within rep range -Choose a different weight, each set, that stays within rep range -Choose amount of sets according to fatigue build up and tolerance to discomfort -Work the highest number of sets with the least amount of reps or the least amount of sets with the highest reps Because it is so voluminous, there's only the warm up and 5 exercises each day. The exercise selection includes compound exercises with a few "isolations" to larger muscle groups. You may do cardio, yoga, mobility, and stretching outside this program. Please post questions in the Monthly Muscle group or message me.

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Monthly Muscle, $25.00/month

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Monthly Muscle

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